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Why Emotional Stability plays a huge factor when it comes to your Finances!

May 11th, 2011 at 09:58 am

I have noticed that when a person is upset or down(depressed)they tend to spend more then what they would if they weren't. Strange as it may seem some of us dont even notice this pattern. It could be related to chemical imbalances as well as just plain and simple lack of control and self discipline. Cortisol,Serotonin and Dopamine play a huge part in this matter, It's the same as drug addicts needing that one last hit. I've found that when you start weeding out the negative influences in your life, start loving yourself, alot of these bad habits tend to start to fade. Replacing negative people with positive people as well as negitive habits into positive habits, doing this overtakes the whole Dopamine factor raises your Serotonin levels naturally you come to a peace within yourself and from that moment on we might as well say you will never hit reverse or tolerate certain "things" in your life EVER AGAIN! Remember to always surround yourself with only the most positive influential "things"(meaning people or possessions)! As always God is good!

3 Responses to “Why Emotional Stability plays a huge factor when it comes to your Finances!”

  1. Miz Pat Says:

    This is true. I went without in my childhood, and I used to stockpile items I never used, especially food that would eventually go bad.

  2. jperryharris Says:

    Sorry to hear that. I feel that we all go without something in our childhoods that what should make us stronger as adults. If we didnt lack something we'd all be perfect and well thats another story! God bless!Smile

  3. Jerry Says:

    There is such truth to this. Emotions can lead to fluctuations in spending just like they can other behaviors... eating, gambling, drinking, arguing, etc! The best insurance I find is, just like I try not to grocery shop when hungry, not to buy things when I'm feeling frustrated or sad or angry. Just put it off for 24-48 hours and see if it still seems as important when the heat of the moment has passed!

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