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Finally car payment free!!!!

February 19th, 2012 at 02:37 pm

We are finally car payment free! Onto purchasing our first home this Spring with no debt! Our mortgage will be our ONLY debt! I don't consider items that you already plan on purchasing and charging these items to a credit card as "debt" because you would have to purchase these items anyways and as long as you have the cash to purchase them then to me its not considered "debt" I don't see any discrepancy with building credit the smart way! I wouldn't advise anyone especially anyone who doesn't have good self-discipline or self control to use a credit card if they are purchasing off impulse or cannot pay the full amount by the due date. So excited car payment free for a very long time until my car breaks down and doesn't run anymore its official I am the very proud owner of MY 06 Toyota corolla! So hyped no more car payments for me for a very long time!!! God is good! Smile

I prefer the word "Adjustment"

February 14th, 2012 at 01:17 pm

When it comes to the terms "Budgeting" everyone just starts to shrink. That's why I prefer the word "Adjustment" It just sounds better! See budgets never do succeed at least that's what I've always noticed. When you use the terms "Adjustment" you can still accomplish goals and have the things you want and still have everything else under control as well when something needs fixing or something unexpected comes out of no where you simply make an adjustment to level everything out and it doesn't sound so much like torture or a dreaded chore for that matter! So that's why I prefer the word "Adjustment" I love hearing opinions from all takes, their always welcome! Good day! Wink