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DE-CLUTTER your mind, YOU are all you need!

September 24th, 2014 at 02:02 pm

I wanted to share what I learned about money from organizing and simplifying my life(started my decluttering journey about 4 years ago)When I first began my journey alongside organization aka decluttering it was a relief letting go of clutter and items I didn't necessarily need nor want any longer. One of my challenge areas BOOKS! I just cried like a baby to give away or donate my beloved books! But I knew I had to, It was a very important lesson, one that I couldn't escape. As time went on I started purging more frequently it continued to get more easier as time went on, I got to a point where it started to be necessary for my mental sanity and continued growth. The more I gave away the better I felt. The more space I achieved the more Love I had to give away. Along the way throughout my journey It occurred to my brighter side that I truly had all I needed right within myself, the feeling to shop became less and less as time went on. I can successfully say that I have NOTHING left to declutter! I am officially clutter free! I feel so light and FREE. Now I'm celebrating and asking myself if I even need credit cards any longer since I never really use them(except for the every now and then emergencies) which is hardly ever. I found that I'm finally complete(well at least that's how I feel)I've adopted the analogy that "LESS IS MORE" the less you own the less you clean, the less you have the less you want, the less you want the less you shop. The less you waste the more resources you have available to you. Its a lifestyle adaptation. Memories become the pedestal for your life's longings, loving deeply is what comes to the forefront. "Time" that does not have a price and cannot be bought and sold is what matters the most. Those special moments that can only be captured for a split second or a genuine authentic moment in time,

"Lifes longing for itself"
~Kahil Gibran~

God bless!Wink