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Weeding ones life is a must!

October 25th, 2011 at 11:41 am

Lets discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people in your life. The main reason why one should surround themselves with positive energy oppose to negative energy is due to fact that the negative energy drains a persons mind,body and soul, negative energy doesn't have the ability to cause or feed anything good to anyone it constantly feeds off others because it cannot survive on its own its like a leach that sucks all your blood and leaves you dead and limp!Its like weeds in ones garden that no matter what you do you just cant get rid of!Negative energy obstructs a persons view of their life's calling and sole purpose in life. When you get to that point a person has no energy for themselves or what they want to do, it can severely place a huge burden on ones life and be a huge hindrance and possibly destroy ones hopes and dreams and when that happens the person being used and imposed upon has no aspirations for their life's purpose, I feel that its critically important to weed ones life before it gets too late so that you can live YOUR dreams not the dreams of what others want for themselves but push them onto you because they are too coward to reach for the stars themselves, Each one of us entitled to our own hopes, dreams, and capacity and ability to live up our fullest potential and until we do some serious cleaning and nonstop weeding of OUR gardens we will all stay stuck and be too busy caring about what others think of us and want for us instead of what we want for ourselves, start weeding I believe in you, you can do it!