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Transitioning from laptop to iPad!

July 1st, 2012 at 08:40 am

So I've finally started my transition from Microsoft to apple computers, it's official I've made the switch! I luckily acquired an iPad original. I love it! I sold my kindle fire and my mini laptop to get an outstanding deal on my iPad! I will never go back to windows programming at this point. Does anyone have any advice on the transitioning process? Any experiences or simple advice on the transition? My mini was collecting dust on my dresser and wasn't being used and I'm always on my iPod touch! As a matter of fact the entire house shares my iPod touch! Grrrrr! I only use my computer for light note taking, surfing the Internet, reading and sending emails and paying bills! So far I've been able to transfer most of my bookmarks from my mini to my iPad with much success! Thanks for reading and God bless!