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Your Attitude means the world!

September 4th, 2011 at 08:57 am

A person's attitude will either make them or break them, it's critical to each individual that we take personal responsibility for our own attitudes as well as our own lives. It is not your mothers fault or your dads fault that you turned out the way you did, they gave you all they knew how to give with what they had with what they too had been given by their parents. For the most part these vicious cycles repeat themselves for generations!The most beautiful thing is that YOU have the ability to finally break that cycle and YOU can if you really want to! YOU were born with all the strength you will ever have or need your entire life! Dig deep and search wide, don't let anyone tell you what YOU can and can't accomplish, set your own standards and YOU will succeed! And always remember to check yourself if need be, keep your attitude in line IT IS YOUR BEST ASSET!(Being angry with the world never got anyone anywhere.) My love goes far and runs deep so I hope as I'm writing this that someone is catching it! Good luck to all!

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