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An Open mind versus A Closed mind(It effects every aspect of one's life)

December 1st, 2011 at 09:24 am

What is really the difference between an OPEN and CLOSED mind? Well an OPEN mind sees situations from all angles despite the differing in opinions, Is able to respect others opinions and accepts that all are unique with little to no discrepancies, as oppose to a CLOSED mind the CLOSED mind only sees their view as the only view with lack of ability to truly empathize with others, the closed mind lacks the ability to really SEE accept and embrace the difference in others due to their lack of compassion and ability to see others as God sees them but most importantly the OPEN mind sees the capacity and ability in every human being to be the best that they can be despite any obstacles that they've had to face in their lives. One being able to SEE beyond what others say and do is what truly makes an OPEN mind. Understanding in that very moment that there's more that meets the eye and totally accepting that person for who they are, not what they do, For one's behavior is strictly a manifestation of how they feel about themselves and has nothing to do with you.When one does not feel good about themselves they will often overcompensate somewhere else in their lives..could be in the area money,drugs,sex,pornagraghy,gambling,hoarding and this list goes on. In the end it always consists of that persons lack of ability to make sound choices,have realistic expectations and goals, and their love respect and confidence in themselves that reflect from the inside out. Feel free to add your take as well! God bless!

8 Responses to “An Open mind versus A Closed mind(It effects every aspect of one's life)”

  1. creditcardfree Says:


  2. laura Says:

    An example of an open mind would be, "I see that this blogger, who has posted about their desire to take a vacation, has taken the steps to actually go on the vacation by buying lift tickets. Good for this blogger! It is his or her desire, and this is how they are choosing to spend their money."

    An example of a closed mind would be, "I see that you are spending your money on how you choose. I am just wondering if this is the best way you should be going about doings so."


  3. jperryharris Says:

    And that's exactly what I said. If you reread my comments with an OPEN mind maybe just maybe you will SEE and COMPREHEND it for what it truly is. Just because I wrote it in a much different way(being a different person) then say you would have doesn't mean that I meant anything different then what YOU may feel it did, that's what I mean by CLOSED minded, you have just confirmed your own thoughts. Lack of ability to SEE things in a different way, most importantly in a way that one's not entirely accustomed to. One same meaning but stemming from two totally different views or opinions. (Its ridiculously amazing at just how small this world really is?)

  4. Whitestripe Says:

    Using my OPEN MIND I see that even though you yourself have made very unwise financial decisions and according to your side bar, have gotten to the stage of filing for a chapter 13 debt repayment plan, you think it's ok to critique those who are obviously in a better financial position than you. This does not get you anywhere, and it is not OPEN MINDED either. If you were open minded you might look at how they plan their financial future and how they have gotten to where they have, and learn something!!! :-O

  5. jperryharris Says:

    Thanks for your advice and yes I have learned from watching my own family as well as countless others with their own finances as well as my OWN decisions I have made with my own finances. I have by the way helped A-LOT of others with financial advice due to my own financial history and we meaning me and my husband have made it very far in our lives, We are blessed by far and live in the Lord's complete abundance. So if what your insinuating is that I'm less educated or not comfortable financially speaking that's very incorrect on your part due to that fact that its people who HAVE HAD financial issues that can successfully and efficiently help others due to EXPERIENCE.EXPERIENCE is life's best teacher. I'm so shocked at the offense that others take to my posts, by all means If you don't like my blog posts simply just keep it moving and don't respond to them. It will be a lot less stress on your behalf. No stress here. Take what you can from them and discard the rest. That's what learning is all about anyways. Enjoy the rest of your evening or afternoon whichever it is for you!

  6. Whitestripe Says:

    I never insinuated that you were less educated. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about that, I have read previous comments you hve made to other posters. You just posted on nikas blog that a blog is for communication, knowledge sharing, opinions etc. now you are telling me if I don't agree move along? Wow. Contradictory much! You don't have to tell me twice to go away and never listen/read/comment on any of your posts!

  7. jperryharris Says:

    How one perceives information is one's own responsibility not anyone else's, personally I am NOT offended by what anyone has had to say on any of my posts, I understand that thoughts are things and things can be changed, I understand that we all are responsible for how we choose to respond to information we receive as well as our differences in learning. Each and every one of us learns differently example: Should a child be condemned, left out or ridiculed due the fact that he/she learns and picks up information differently and relates their environment totally differently then another child may? Absolutely Not.I have a son that faces constant ridicule,bullying, and being picked on why because "He's different" well he happens to take after his mom which is why I am one of the only people that understands him due to the fact that I faced the same challenges as a child. As a matter of fact I was bullied, picked on, and beat up almost every single day of my childhood up until the 9th grade it was one of the reasons I dropped out I was tired emotionally and physically from running(I'm a lover not a fighter) I got to point when I had to ask myself "Why should I have to defend myself for being different?" If they don't like me that's not my problem its theirs. Every child should be treated with dignity and respect the same as the next, possibly with minor accommodations due to learning differences depending on the circumstances. So since I learn different then yourselves, am hypersensitive and understand things alot differently then another that makes it ok and acceptable for others to call me JUDGEMENTAL, CLOSE MINDED,RACIST AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU PERCEIVE GATHERED FROM (YOUR OPINION) OF ME BECAUSE OF THE VERY FACT THAT I'M DIFFERENT THEN YOURSELF? When I was a child I never understood, But as an adult I now understand that that's NOT my problem its whoever CHOOSES to think what they want about me. Part of accepting others is being able to see others uniqueness with differences as just as unique as we see ourselves. I have to make clear that when at anytime I post information or give opinions It is just that an opinion,it is NOT to judge others in any way fashionable its purely my opinion on any given situation and should not be taken personally,I am very intense and I am a very passionate person everyone that I meet respects for me that. I am simply voicing my take on a problem or situation, Again for the last time, I always speak of my underlying views on topics NOT to be taken personally. I hope I have been able to clear some things up for you! Now that's my final peace offering! Take it or leave it. (Another thing is I live my life as an open book, I am a very open person, Actually I'm so opinionated I'm actually invited to speak at certain gatherings, speeches and meetings of all sorts, usually pertaining to areas I'm passionate about.As a matter of fact I just came back from a panel this afternoon!) God is Good Smile!Smile

  8. jperryharris Says:

    Yes I have made unwise financial decisions and I am not ashamed of that, as a matter of fact it has contributed to the strong person I am today. I thank God for all the lessons he has allowed into my life, those lessons have shaped who I am! I would hope that others feel the same way! I have to clarify that just because someone has not made the best decisions financial or life on general that doesn't make you any better then them either.Everyone has the right to be best that they can be no matter what they think of themselves or what has happened in their lives past or present. I speak solely from the heart and most importantly from experiences in my own life. If I can help just one person I have made this world a better place, I cannot speak for others. Those are my intentions and that's my sole purpose until I leave this earth.

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